The IES Board and senior management team comprises a team of experts, whose combined knowledge of best practice in education, at an international level, is unique in their field. All the members of the team are highly qualified in their areas of individual expertise, with many years as practitioners in the field of private education.

Setting the team apart from other organizations working in the field, is the fact that the individual members have been working cooperatively for a considerable period of time. They understand and share a philosophy and ethos as to the role of private education in today’s society.

This enables a degree of coherence in organization, planning and development rarely found in educational institutions.

This coherence is complemented by a consonance between planning and application. The IESGS educational project is much more than theory- it is reality in practice.


Mr. Stan Daniel

Head of School

Mrs. Rachael Nassiri

Head of Studies

Mrs. Lani Perdue

Director of Finance & Administration

Mr. Andre Alves

Director of Admissions & Marketing

Ms. Tylar Tracy

Dean of Students & Health Services Coordinator

Ms. Kimberly Allegro

Director of College Guidance & School Registrar

Mrs. Llyan Narinejit

Director of IT

Mr. Luis Maldonado

Director of Security

Mrs. Sonya Fraguela

Administrative Receptionist


Ms. Haley Stuart


Mr. Jason Robinson


Mr. Stan Daniel


Mrs. Maria Danza Starkand



Mrs. Idiz Nieves

Spanish Teacher

Mrs. Kuanting Chang


Ms. Jacqueline Bremond

Art Teacher